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Fake Bake® Spray Tans

spray tan birmingham alabamaTivoli Medspa in Birmingham now offers Fake Bake spray tans. Skip the sun damage. Come in to Tivoli Med spa and get a rich, natural-looking tan without the harmful UV rays.

A Better Tanning Experience

Fake Bake® can radically improve the way you tan.

  • No harsh chemicals
  • No streaking or messy cleanup
  • No orange colored skin

We love the Fake bake® method because it is superior to other spray tans and much safer than a sun tan.

Fake Bake FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Fake Bake spray tans. If you have a different question, please call or email the Tivoli Medspa in Birmingham, Alabama.

How long will my Fake Bake last?

On average, Fake Bake needs to be applied only once or twice a week. But you can determine your own tanning schedule. Deepening your tan will simply require application of more product.

Will my tan wash off?

Your tan will not wash off. Fake Bake uses a unique Dihydroxy (DHA) to create your tan. The tan will fade away just like a sun tan gradually fades.

Can Fake Bake be combined with a sun tan or bed tan?

Combining Fake Bake with sun exposure or a tanning bed will accelerate the tanning process. Fake Bake is not made with an SPF, so if you are exposed to UV rays, remember to use your sun block to prevent burns and long-term skin damage.

Does Fake Bake stain clothing?

The tan uses an organic color pigment, which is not a stain or a dye. Therefore, it will not permanently stain and can be washed out of any synthetic fabric. Focus testing groups for Fake Bake reported that color could be removed more easily than make-up on collars.

Is Fake Bake Safe?

Tanning with a dihydroxy formulation (DHA) is much safer than sun exposure. The organically based Fake Bake product contains no harmful ingredients. For many years, DHA has been an FDA approved substance for sunless tanning. The FDA recommends that you do not inhale DHA or allow it to come in contact with mucous membranes such as the lips or eyes.

Does Fake Bake work on your face?

The Fake Bake formula was designed for your entire body, including your face. The company recommends use of their "tri-pak system" for optimal results on both the face and body.

Does it take long to dry?

Your skin moisture level may be different than another spray tan user, so drying times vary. 20 minutes is usually enough time for the Fake Bake product to dry.

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