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When you decide it is time to explore a non-surgical aesthetic treatment, nothing is more important than a thorough skin evaluation to determine which treatments and products will provide optimum results for you.


Tivoli offers The Ultimate Skin Evaluation and Consultation free of charge to all new clients – an in-depth examination of your skin conditions and related skincare needs.  This is not the typical “sales pitch” you receive at most medical spas, many of which can only offer you limited treatments due to a lack of equipment and expertise.

We then use the Canfield Reveal Imager to take high-resolution digital photos and true UV photos of your face and other areas of your body.  You will then see your true “skin age” as we uncover wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, bacteria levels, rough texture, large pores and more.

Using these photos and listening to your concerns, our staff will design a program specifically for your needs. When the session is over, you will have a complete skin care program to take home, including recommendations on treatments and medical grade skincare products.

Medical Spa Treatments

Botox and Dysport

 Botox or Dysport treatment can provide correction of frown lines on your forehead. They can also treat crow’s feet next to your eyes and furrows between your eyebrows. You will see the results and improvements from Botox or Dysport for up to four months.

Laser Treatments

Our Pearl by Cutera laser, TITAN skin tightening laser, and Laser Genesis can improve signs of aging and sun damage in your skin. Our Matrix CO2 Fractional Laser can treat skin growths and other imperfections.


Restylane is a hyaluronic acid based filler that is ideal for treating moderate facial wrinkles and folds. Not only does Restylane beautifully fill these types of depressions, but it may also be used for some types of facial contouring.


IPL Photorejuvenation treatments are a non-invasive technique for improving the tone and texture of your skin, as well as hair removal. IPL can improve or remove freckles, age spots, and hyperpigmentation.


Radiesse is an injectable filler that is composed of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres. When injected into facial wrinkles and folds, Radiesse acts as a sort of scaffolding for the skin, restoring volume and youthfulness.

Cellulite Treatment

If you are bothered by the appearance of cellulite on your body, we offer cellulite treatment with SmoothShapes. SmoothShapes uses massage, laser, and suction to improve the appearance of cellulite.


Juvederm is a dermal filler that is made up of hyaluronic acid. When carefully injected into facial wrinkles and folds, the solution hydrates and plumps the skin to minimize the effects of aging.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels can target many skin concerns, from blemishes to lines and wrinkles. Your chemical peel will be customized for your skin. Following your peel, you will see a dramatic improvement in your fresh, exfoliated skin!


Facials do more than treat the tone and texture of your skin—facials are a pampering experience. Our MedSpa offers facials that can target skin concerns such as dry skin or blemishes. Facials purify your skin and help eliminate imperfections.

Vein Treatment

Veins that show through the skin are a common, unsightly problem. Luckily, such veins can easily be treated, whether they appear on your legs, body, or face. We use light treatments to eliminate the visible veins that show on your skin.


Waxing is a popular method for removing hair from the face and body. Men and women choose waxing because the results last much longer than other hair removal methods. Following a waxing treatment, you may not see hair regrowth for 4-6 weeks.

Skin Tightening

TITAN skin tightening laser is a non-invasive treatment for improving the tone of your skin. TITAN can treat lax skin anywhere it appears on your face and body. Because it is a laser treatment, TITAN gives you improved skin tone without surgery and a long recovery.


Our MedSpa offers massage with highly skilled, professional masseurs. Massage feels great, and has a host of health benefits. Massage can help you relax or recover from injury.

Fake Bake® Sunless Tanning

Wit Fake Bake sunless tanning, you can skip
the sun damage and still get a rich, natural looking tan, without the harmful UV rays. The product has no harsh chemicals, it's non-streaking and it produces a natural color.

Skin Care Products

Managing healthy skin is easy after you visit Tivoli Medical Spa. We can set you up with a high quality skin care regimen that works perfectly with your lifestyle, skin type, and skin conditions. Along with our Tivoli Rx skin care line, some of our favorite products include:

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