Buttercups & Ant Bites

I am a board certified facial plastic surgeon with a passion for BEAUTY in all forms, inside & out. I love human faces & my dogs tail. I was born & raised in Mississippi, spent my entire childhood trying to get to New York or LA & most of my adult life wishing I was HOME.

I have a passion for truth- beauty parlor- bathroom type truth. I think we are at our BEST inspiring and sharing with other women, things reserved for the beauty parlor, the bathroom when there is a LONG line & I am adding my office to that list.

I believe real beauty is being brave, bold & having the courage to follow your heart.

I value honesty most of all & cherish the trust so many give to me.

I see every detail on every face, the shadows & the light & this is my gift. I can operate, inject or laser to redirect shadows, remove extra skin, or smooth skin texture- but the real MAGIC is seeing the light of HAPPINESS shine from inside when someone looks like they did 5 or 10 years ago. This is the feeling I wake up FOR.