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I LOVE ❤️ when you share your HAPPINESS. It makes me SO happy.

I met Dr. Petro at a clinic in Gulf Shores where she was working. I went into get an eye lift, but by the time we met and went over everything, I got a mini-facelift and eye lift. My first consultation with her was awesome. I had had a previous consultation with other doctors before I went to see her, and hers was ten times better than my other consultations. 

To me, with her being a woman, she knew exactly what I needed. She told me, "We're going to do this, this, and this." It was exactly what I wanted. Once we were through with the consultation, that same day I made my appointment for the surgery. The surgery went well. I was just happy with everything. If you ask me if I would do it again, yes, I would do it again tomorrow.

One year after I had surgery, I came to Birmingham. I followed her to Birmingham. Anytime I need anything now, I can drive up here to see her before I go to find another doctor. I brought my daughter-in-law here and referred her to Dr. Petro. So now she comes up here with me, too, because we don't even just look for another doctor for anything we need.

She's very personable as a doctor that you don't see in a lot of doctors. She's very a very personable person. She doesn't push things that you don't need for surgery. Your results from the surgery are very natural looking results and not ... People don't know. You don't have that windblown facelift look. It doesn't matter your age. They have the product for you. I drive up here to buy her products, and if we need some shots in between I drive up for that, too. It's worth it to me.

I would tell me to put your trust in her because she knows by looking at you, and that's her expertise. She knows what you're going to need to make you look great.