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Petro Petite Lift

The “Petro Petite Lift” is a mini- mini facelift for patients that have moderate “jowling” which essentially describes the lines that form from the bottom lip to the chin. This often results in a “sad” look. Many of these patients feel and are asked if they’re sad because the corner of the mouth appears to be turned down. This can be very frustrating because adding filler such as Juvederm to this area is not typically successful. If you added enough filler to change the appearance of the mouth the face would appear square. I see women who have had filler added in this area and are very disappointed in the results.

This petite lift is designed to specifically target these folds. It is perfect for people with some loss of elasticity that can come from weight loss or simply genetics. I often combine this with laser resurfacing to treat the skin. The skin around the mouth tends to become very thick with age and resurfacing basically acts like sandpaper to the skin. The results are outstanding even for the very difficult to treat upper lip lines (“smokers lines”).

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