Petro Signature LIP

Petro Signature LIP


Juvederm Ultra Plus, Lip MicroLaser Peel & Petro PHAT LIP Plumper.

Get YOUR PetroPout!

Lip Plumper- Juvederm Ultra Plus AND a lip laser micropeel & PetroRx PHAT LIPS plumper- its our favorite & we tried them ALL as we created our very own. You will come in- we will numb your lips, inject with filler, then laser lightly (this is a FAVORITE) to make your lips smooth! You leave refreshed & looking YOUNGER AND with a Petro Clear tote with our plumper inside.

As a facial plastic surgeon I spent five years in a head and neck surgery residency, massive facial reconstructions involving the mouth, lips, tongue, etc. This gives me a very intimate knowledge of the anatomy that can only be appreciated by spending extraordinary amounts of time (often 10-12 hour surgeries) with it- inside it, around it & studying it. As a master injector, I am able to use this knowledge to achieve beautiful safe results. Woman to woman- I understand, listen, & literally wake UP to give you beautiful results that make you SMILE.