Brow Lift Surgery in Birmingham

Brow lift, also known as forehead lift, is a common procedure that helps to reduce signs of aging on the forehead and brows. Over time, the tissues of your brow can begin to descend, causing wrinkles and a tired facial expression. Although non-surgical procedures like Botox can be helpful for reducing these imperfections, brow lift surgery offers a more long-term solution. Cosmetic surgeons often combine the brow lift with a facelift or eyelid lift. Through this operation, Dr. Petro restores a youthful arch in the eyebrows, opens up the eye area and reduces visible wrinkles, lines, furrows and crowโ€™s feet.

Enhancing your appearance with a brow lift

Brow lift surgery can reduce the creases that develop between the eyes and across the forehead. Brow lift procedures also improve frown lines and raise eyebrows to create a more alert and youthful position.

To get a better idea of how you may look after a brow lift simply put your index finger above the middle portion of your eyebrow and your thumb on the outside part of your eyebrow. Then lift your brow to the position you would like it to be. If there is any excess skin it will be removed during the procedure.

Brow lift recovery

Patients will notice tightness, sporadic sharp pains, tingling, as well as burning and/or cold sensations on your forehead in the days and weeks after their brow lift. Expect your scalp to be numb due to your nerves being partially separated during your surgery. All these sensations are usually temporary and rarely last longer than the first few weeks after your brow lift.

Bruising and swelling and tend to last about 10 days. Some people may develop black eyes after a brow lift, but applying cold compresses or ice packs on your head and face can help reduce swelling and bruising. Patients should keep their head elevated for several days after your brow lift to minimize swelling. Sleeping with your head on two to three medium-sized pillows will also help keep the swelling to a minimal.

All wounds may take 5 to 10 days to heal, at which time any sutures or clips will be removed. You will be ready to return to work and normal activity at this time. Cosmetics can camouflage any bruising that remains. Healing will continue for several weeks as the swelling dissipates and incision lines refine and fade and it may take several months for your complete recovery.

How Long Do Brow Lift Results Last?

The lasting results of a brow lift typically last a lifetime, but this may vary depending on various factors. Thus, some patients may have to have an additional procedure in 7 โ€“ 15 years.

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