Chin Augmentation in Birmingham

Cosmetic chin augmentation surgery involves reshaping the chin by utilizing facial implants. The chin is an important balancing feature of your face and should be prominent yet proportional. When the chin is too small or lacks projection, the other facial features may appear relatively large and can result in a face that lack facial contour. During chin surgery, Dr. Petro will aim to reshape the chin to bring it into harmony with your individual facial features.

Enhancing your appearance with Chin Surgery

Your facial appearance is defined by three elements: facial bones, underlying muscles and soft tissue, and skin. If your facial structure is not properly balanced, then implants can provide lift and definition needed to achieve your appearance goal. Chin implants can enhance your appearance and highlight your natural facial contours by creating a stronger jawline and balance your facial features.

Chin Augmentation recovery

Initially, your lower lip will feel asleep and you should expect to experience some swelling in the chin and jaw area for several days after your procedure. You will likely have some difficulty with talking and smiling. Itโ€™s also common to feel a tight sensation in the chin and jaw area, but this is only temporary and should go away after a week.

You may have some bruising around your chin and your neck, but recovery from chin surgery is quick compared to other types of facial cosmetic surgery procedures. Normal activity usually can be continued after about 10 days and rigorous activity after a few weeks. Stitches that are placed in the mouth will dissolve in ten days to two weeks, and non-dissolving sutures will have to be removed during your follow-up visits to your plastic surgeon. Swelling normally goes down in about 6 weeks.

How Long Does The Results From Chin Augmentation Last?

The results from your chin surgery will last a lifetime.

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