Otoplasty in Birmingham

Otoplasty surgery, also called Ear Reshaping, Pinnaplasty and Ear Pinning is a surgical procedure performed to correct abnormally protruding ears.

“Ears that stick out” are the cause for much ridicule and emotional pain for children. In Adults, ears that are too big also compromise self confidence and self esteem.

Ideal v Dumbo Ears

Ideally, ears should be close to the head and in balance with the facial features. Ears that are too prominent do not look natural on adults or children and are often the reason for caustic remarks from peers…other adults, but mostly from other children. As young as 3 to 4 years of age, children with “Dumbo Ears” can recognize the difference between their ears and those of other children their age. Adults who have protruding ears commonly suffer from low self esteem and are also very sensitive about their appearance.

Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty, Ear Reshaping/Pinning is a surgical procedure for reshaping and repositioning prominent ears. Dr. Petro does this surgery using “twilight” or local anesthesia. A simple incision is made behind each ear and she works through this to reshape, trim excess tissue and cartilage and to secure the ears to a more natural looking position. Surgery takes 2 to 3 hours and our patients are usually back to work/presentable within one week.

Why choose otoplasty surgery?

  • Otoplasty repositions the ears closer to the head
  • Repositioning, Ear Pinning, achieves normal looking ears
  • Ear Reshaping is for children 6 -7 years old & adults any age
  • Puts an end to harmful remarks & teasing by peers
  • Otoplasty can correct trauma/injury abnormalities
  • There is little discomfort…short downtime, much satisfaction
  • The ears & the self esteem are reshaped with Otoplasty
  • Dr. Petro is specially trained & skilled for this surgery

When to choose otoplasty surgery

Otoplasty, Ear Pinning, Pinniplasty or Ear Reshaping are all common names for this procedure. Good candidates are children who have reached 90% of their adult ear size (age 7 usually) or adults of any age with a strong desire to correct their protruding ears and have normal looking ears.

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